Barn Door Hardware: Customize Your Sliding Barn Doors, Boston!

Selecting the right barn door hardware gives you the look you desire while making the door panel itself be front and center.

Sliding barn doors and shutters in Boston are available in an array of paints, stains, and style. And you can combine them with track colors, pulls, barn door hardware, and wheels.

What better way to express your decorating style than to customize the look of your sliding barn doors?

Barn Door Wheels

Every barn door panel has at least 2 wheels so it can slide smoothly across a top-mounted track. Metal wheels have a polished sheen. And you can choose between standard convex wheels and concave ones. Convex wheels are slightly more substantial in size, while concave wheels give you a sleeker look.

Wheels are available in metal convex, metal, or black nylon options.

Metal Convex WheelMetal WheelBlack Nylon Wheel

Barn Door Track Colors

The barn door panels are mounted to the wall above the window using a track. It creates a horizontal line that defines how far you can move the barn door panels. Choose a track color that matches the overall character of your sliding barn doors. Go for a rustic look with dark bronze tracks. Flat black and raw steel track colors work better in a contemporary room. Darker shades can put the focus on the door over the hardware.

Dark BronzeFlat BlackRaw Steel

Barn Door Hangers

Sliding barn door hangers bring the entire door together. For a bold statement, choose Arrow barn door hangers. For a more contemporary look, there’s Modern, Top Mount Modern, Top Mount Ultra Modern, and Ultra Modern barn door hangers. Or choose an Industrial hanger for sliding barn doors for a traditional finish.

All barn door hangers come in mini and standard sizes.

Mini Arrow Hardware Mini Industrial HardwareMini Modern HardwareMini Top Mount ModernMini Top Mount Ultra ModernMini Ultra Modern

Barn Door Pulls

A handle gives you more control when gliding the barn door. You can select from a falcon pull, an industric pull, and a mid-century pull. If you want a contemporary pull to round out your sliding barn door’s style, there’s a modern flush pull for that too!

Mid-Century Door Pull Falcon PullIndustric Pull Modern Flush Pull

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