3 Things To Consider When Selecting Sliding Barn Doors For Your Boston Home

Holly Perron

Maybe you want to redecorate just one room in your Boston home. Or maybe you recently moved into your home. Either way, sliding barn doors are a charming choice. But where should get started? And how do you choose a sliding barn door that goes with your personality?

Here are 3 things to consider when selecting barn doors.

1. Barn Doors Can Fit Almost Any Room

The Bathroom. Think sliding barn doors don’t work in the bathroom? Think again. With the right hardware, they look stunning and provide privacy. And barn doors are easy to slide. That comes in handy, especially if you have toddlers undergoing potty training. Keep in mind that the barn door may not create the tightest seal to the opening due to how the track is installed.

The Living Room. Sliding barn doors are a great solution when you want to separate the living room from the dining room or the adjacent hallway. Selecting a barn door style that matches your living room décor is key.

The Bedroom. Here you’re looking for sliding barn doors that bring privacy as well as a calming feel to the room. A wooden barn door blocks most of the light from other rooms - and from the windows. And the wood itself innately adds coziness to the bedroom.

The Pantry. Sliding barn doors are a perfect solution for pantry doors, especially since the pantry is usually facing the kitchen or a dining table. Roll them closed to hide the disorganized snacks shelf. And glide them open to get to your Bosch stand mixer.

Sliding barn doors used as pantry doors 

2. New Ways To Use Barn Doors

Traditionally, sliding barn doors have been mounted over a doorway. In rooms where it’s easier to slide a door across the wall than swing it out, barn doors are a space saver. And since the sliding barn door is going to be the focus when you enter and leave the room, you’ll want to choose one that goes with the the room’s style.

You can also have sliding barn doors mounted as a window covering. And our team will make the barn door panels to fit the size of the window and its frame. Homeowners like to take advantage of the fact that you can match the style of the barn door window treatment to that of the existing sliding barn door in the room!

Window covered by sliding barn doors
You can also have barn doors mounted as an alternative to closet doors. Covering up your messy clothes is now as easy as sliding the doors shut. Don’t forget that barn doors need wall space on either side of the closet so that the panels can roll comfortably - and so that it’s easy for you to reach your entire wardrobe.

Install sliding barn doors over a wall-mounted flat screen TV to cover up the black void when it’s off. We custom build the barn door panels to the TV’s size. And the tracks are deliberately mounted so as to accommodate for the screen’s depth.

3. What Barn Door Styles Are Available?

Sliding barn doors come in a wide variety of options so you can customize how they look to go with your décor. Here are some examples of sliding barn door style combinations that homeowners in the Boston area have installed.

Classic Sliding Barn Door. Plank barn door with standard top and bottom rail. Barn Red paint. Top-mount Modern hardware.

Rustic Sliding Barn Door. Standard Stile and Rail barn door. Weathered Grey stain. Arrow hardware.

Modern Sliding Barn Door. Snow White paint. Mini top-mount modern hardware. Three-panel barn door.

For more paints, stains, hardware, and style options, scroll through the sliding barn doors page.

Bonus Design Tip For Barn Doors: Do It Yourself Or Hire A Pro?

Installing sliding barn doors means finding studs in the wall, measuring the dimensions of the door or window opening accurately, ensuring if the wall structure is suitable, and bringing together all the components for the panels to roll smoothly. Where errors in a home improvement project like this one could mean buying a whole new barn door set, it‘s best to hire an expert in the Boston area. Let the experts at Sunburst Shutters take care of the installation for you. We’ll make sure everything is done right.