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Financing Window Treatments In Boston


Don’t delay buying new window coverings when you need an updated look. Sunburst Shutters Boston makes it simple to get the window treatments you need now with several financing options from Synchrony. With payment plans for all budgets and attractive interest rates, now is the right time to order your premium window treatments from Sunburst. Explore our options for financing window treatments in Boston, and phone us at 781-352-2205 to talk about which plan suits your needs best.

Advantages Of Financing Window Treatments In Boston

Whether you’ve long needed a window treatment update or suddenly need new ones, financing can help you buy the custom products you need immediately. Here are several reasons to think about financing plantation shutters in Boston or other top-rated window treatments from Sunburst:

  • Pay later for what you need now. Our financing options let you install your new window treatments sooner and make payments over a period of time.
  • High-end window treatments made affordable. You’re more likely to afford the stylish, long-lasting window coverings you want if you pay in predictable, smaller increments.
  • Work with an established lender. Synchrony is a noted lender that serves customers of favorite brands nationwide.

Pick From Many Plans

Through Synchrony, you get to choose which financing program fits your budget. Call Sunburst Shutters Boston anytime to learn more about the terms and details of these plans and decide which one is right for you.

  • 180 MONTHS @ 7.99% INTEREST*

*Minimum order may apply. Contact store for details.

Frequently Asked Questions About Financing

Why should I finance my window treatments if I can pay with cash or use a credit card?

Financing your window treatments allows you to keep your hard-earned savings in the bank and enjoy a lower interest rate than you’ll get from a credit card. With a financing program from Synchrony, you get a payment plan that divides up the cost instead of paying out of pocket immediately.

What kind of credit does Synchrony offer?

Synchrony provides unsecured loans with fixed interest rates. As opposed to credit with variable rates, your amount owed will stay predictable, so it’s easy to plan for.

How do I apply for financing?

Click the Apply button below to apply through Synchrony. You’ll get an immediate credit decision upon submitting your application.

When can I begin shopping for window treatments after being approved?

Right away! When you get approved, schedule a consultation with Sunburst to discuss your custom window treatments and order what you want.

How do I find more information about financing my window treatments in Boston?

If you have further questions about financing for window treatments, call Sunburst Shutters Boston anytime. We’ll explain how purchasing your window treatments with a loan from Synchrony works and its benefits for you.

Have More Questions? Call Today And Hear More About Your Financing Options

Buy your new window treatments quicker and pay at a later date when you finance them now! Sunburst is glad to provide this option to help you beautify your home when you want to. To learn about financing window treatments in Boston, contact us at 781-352-2205. We’ll answer each of your questions and arrange an in-home consultation to demonstrate our products for you.