3 Ways Polywood Shutters Are Better Than Hollow Vinyl And Composite Shutters In Boston, MA

Holly Perron
Wherever you look in Boston, there are plenty of plantation shutters choices. And when you want to know which non-wood shutter is best for you, it might be hard to discern the differences. You can unknowingly choose the wrong type and wind up investing in shutters that aren’t durable. Are solid polymer shutters, like our best-selling Polywood® shutters, worth more than hollow vinyl or MDF (multi-density fiberboard) shutters? Learn about the three ways Polywood shutters are preferred over composite shutters in Boston, MA to help you decide.

1. Polywood vs Composite Shutters Durability

Polywood shutters are crafted from a first class solid polymer that ensures the most durability, rigidity, and color-retention than any other shutter money can buy. With that, the shutter louvers won’t warp over time. In contrast, composite shutters are fabricated from a pressed-board core, encapsulated in poly-vinyl. The vinyl wrapping the pressed board is prone to peeling from the core element readily. And this peeling is accelerated in humid, wet, and hot surroundings. Another option for non-wood shutters is hollow vinyl. But they disintegrate the fastest in large part due to the substance.

Composite Shutters In Boston, MA - broken 

Both forms of non-wood shutters are likely to warp and deteriorate under varying weather conditions in Boston. Polywood is made with UV inhibitors that divert heat. And because heat is the main offender in chipping the shutter louvers, Polywood is without a doubt the longest lasting plantation shutter for your home.

2. Polywood vs Composite Shutters Color Fastness

Polywood shutters come in three premium white paints. The paint finishes are baked on each element at hotter temperatures than Boston has seen. The patented finishing process includes UV inhibitors to make sure the color doesn’t fade.
Other types of non-wood shutters come with either low quality paint finish or no paint finish at all. In the majority of cases, the vinyl covering is the color you end up with. This finish may look good initially, but it fades as time goes by. And when it comes to hollow vinyls, some are painted. With the vinyl being a heat conductor, this negatively affects the finish as time goes by.

3. Polywood vs Composite Shutters Energy Efficiency

Third party testing shows that Polywood shutters lead to reduction of heat transfer by up to 45% and insulate against 30° of temperature. This means that Polywood insulates up to 70% better than even the best solid wood shutter.
These insulating properties are due to the solid polymer material Polywood shutters are made from. But what sets Polywood apart even more from composite shutters is the weatherstripping on the panels and louvers. All you have to do is interlock the weatherstripping pieces while closing the panels to get a very tight seal against the effects of the weather outside. No matter how far and wide you look, there isn’t a composite shutter that can give you the energy savings close to that of Polywood.

Our Vegas Team Puts The Durability Of Polywood Shutters To The Test

In 2004, Sunburst Shutters Las Vegas had Polywood shutters attached to the sides of their trucks as part of the graphics. The trucks were parked outside and endured the weather Nevada is known for. That means extreme heat for more than five months a year!
These shutters had been fastened to our vehicles for almost 7 years at that point. Our team organized an investigation on the color retention value of Polywood. We wiped down the dusty Polywood shutter installed on the vehicle. And we held up a new Polywood shutter next it for comparison. We found the color to be unchanged. There was no fading or discoloration. It was further validation for us that our paint finish is the best in the market!
And since Polywood can endure all that heat damage on the road for 7+ years, it’s hands-down the strongest shutter for your residence in Boston, MA.

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