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5 Uncomplicated Room Transformation Ideas For Boston Homes

February 22, 2024

Every Boston home needs a new look once in a while. But you might struggle to find the time and resources for a big project. In that case, choose a boring or ugly space and begin there. Quick upgrades like new window treatments, an accent wall, or some new art can dramatically update a lifeless room. For inspiration, here are five effortless room transformation ideas for Boston homes.

#1: Add Or Change Around The Art For Something New

A large art print on a dining room wall
It’s easy to give a room a fresh look just by switching out the art. Art speaks volumes, so choose art that you enjoy but also adds visual interest or beauty to a room. You can bring in new colors or a different aesthetic by removing pieces you’re bored with and substituting them with something more appealing. With the many art genres to choose from, it’s not difficult to switch from modern to traditional or boho chic to contemporary simply by refreshing what’s decorating your walls.

#2:Upgrade Your View With Stylish Window Treatments

 Blue and white patterned Roman shades on a window overlooking the ocean

Concerning things decorating the walls, window treatments are a second effortless room transformation idea for Boston homes. Our eyes are naturally drawn to windows, so make the most of them with decorative window coverings. As with art, you have a multitude of options to pick from to compose an aesthetic you like. You can add some wow factor with vividly patterned fabric shades or create a refined beauty with plantation shutters. You can even use decorative drapes with a more serviceable treatment for a unique combo. Whatever window treatments you pick, have them custom-made so they fit your windows correctly and look their best.

#3: Transform A Room’s Mood With New Lights

A dimly lit den with closed Polywood shutters on the window

Consider how you want to feel in a room. Motivated? Relaxed? If the mood isn’t quite what you’d like in a room, change it with brand-new lighting. Use shaded light fixtures and dimmable bulbs to create low light in areas where you want to decompress. Open fixtures and bright bulbs keep things light where you work and play. 

The right window treatments help as well. You might prefer blackout roller shades in bedrooms but sheer shades in a three-season room. If you require various levels of light in a room, use premium window blinds or Polywood shutters that let you simply switch between full sunshine, partial light, and darkness. 


#4: Make A Room Feel New With Some Fresh Paint

white kitchen with white polywood shutters

Some new paint helps any room look updated. You can go bold with saturated hues on every wall or just add an accent color.  If you desire a subtle, sophisticated look, go for natural tones. If you don’t want to paint the entire room, think about painting a desk or table for your room transformation in Boston:

#5: Reorganize And Rearrange To Repurpose A Room

A home office with white Polywood shutters

If if you want to repurpose a room, reorganizing and rearranging quickly achieves a room transformation in Boston. Push furniture around to make space for the space’s activities. If you have children now, make large play spaces. If you entertain often these days, organize seats for intimate chatting. An unutilized guest room can transform into your hobby room or home gym after you move the bed out.

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