Dining Room Window Treatment Ideas For Boston Home

Holly Perron
Dining rooms are the natural place where family and friends get together in your Boston house. Most dining rooms have windows that filter in natural light and the view. But when your goal is more privacy without giving up energy efficiency and beauty, what’s the best window treatment?

Here are some dining room window treatment ideas to help you choose.

Plantation Shutters For Dining Rooms In Boston

Plantation shutters are a contemporary window treatment for your dining room. The louvers are designed with elegance and function as the focus. They allow you maximum control over light and view. Adjust the shutter louvers with a tilt rod to see as much of the light and view as you want. And during the colder winter months, shut these dining room shutters completely for ultimate energy efficiency.

The best thing about plantation shutters is that they can be custom crafted to the exact shape of your dining room window. It doesn’t matter if the window is a triangle, circle, octagon, or arched. Dining room shutters can be engineered to match your window seamlessly. Learn more about special shaped shutters.

Have dinner with friends and family and enjoy your pick of Polywood® or Ovation® wood shutters. Polywood shutters are built from a patented synthetic material that won’t ever crack. Better yet, Polywood is the highest rated window treatment for energy efficiency. And that’s exactly what you want for dining room windows. Ovation shutters are crafted from hardwood and are available in 28 stains to match your decorating style. 

White plantation shutters on two walls of modern dining room
Photo credit Jane Cunningham www.roomresolutions.com 

Sliding Barn Doors For Dining Room Windows In Boston

Mounting sliding barn doors is one of the hottest trends in interior decor in Boston, MA. And now they can be mounted on the windows in your dining room!

If your dining room windows have space on either side, sliding barn doors are the modern window treatment you’ve been looking for. When closed, they are a masterpiece of fine craftsmanship. When you slide them open, sliding barn door shutters enclose the view outside your dining room charmingly. And with plenty of hardware options, you can match your barn door shutters to your dining room [decor|furniture|style]89]. Read more on sliding barn doors for windows.

Shades For Dining Rooms In Boston

Shades are a classic dining room window treatment. They’re easy to mount and use. And you can choosefrom different patterns and fabrics to match the shades to the decor in your dining room.

However, your beautiful shades may come at the price of brightness and climate control. The shades are made from a fabric that may not be able to block out the light well. And the material may be thin enough that it won’t deflect the effects of the heat or cold outside.

Patterned gray shades in contemporary dining room

Interested In More Dining Room Window Treatment Ideas In Boston, MA?

Browse our idea gallery of window treatment photographs our specialists have mounted in the Boston area. And when you’re ready to buy dining room window treatments or window treatments for other rooms in your house, our experts will set up a time to come out to your residence and present your with examples of the window treatment you’ve been eyeing. We’ll also measure the length and width of your windows. This means that when we mount your new dining room window treatment, it is charming and works without a hitch. Call us at 781-352-2205 or fill out the form below to schedule your free in-home design consultation today!