The Perfect Window Treatments For Home Theaters And Media Rooms In Boston

Holly Perron

For many people in Boston, the home theater or media room is more than a specialty room, but one of the most used rooms in the house.  You place your furniture just right so that every seat can view the oversized 4K screen television without any obstruction.  The state-of-the-art speakers covers you in dramatic scores and rich dialog. Now, it’s time to put up the most functional window treatments for your home theater or media room experience.

Your media room may be part of a family room, but you still want to get everything from your television.  Of course, you need a window treatment that will completely block out light, so that you don’t see glare on your screen. An added benefit would be if your coverings could adequately block outside sound.  And finally, your shutters or shades should show some style even when you're not viewing the latest blockbuster.  

So what are the best window treatments for a home theater or media room?

Your Window Coverings Should Make The Room Dark

Shutters in Theater Room 

When you watch TV in a home theater or media room, you want the room on the darker side.  The obvious choice are shades that block all outside light.  Opaque cellular shades, roller shades or Roman shades will definitely block out the sun. And with the right materials, you can make the room as black as you need, so you can make a real movie theater feel.

However, while the right shade will make your room completely dark, they may not adequately direct outside light when your film isn’t on the screen.  If you want the benefit of directing light also, you should try plantation shutters. Shutters can completely block out outside light when the louvers are shut. But when the movie isn’t on you might need some outside light, so the room doesn’t seem so claustrophobic. With these window treatments, you can let just a bit of light in, while still ensuring that you can see the TV without a glare.  

Your Window Treatments Should Block Out Sound

Shutters in a living room with a tv 

Your window coverings should black out outside light, but don’t forget about the significance of sound.  Outside noise, such as children having fun in the yard or a running lawn mower, can disturb you from what’s on the screen. Music and dialog from your television should also be preserved, as dialog and music can become distorted when it reflects off your window’s glass panes.

Cellular shades can make the room dark, but they usually are too delicate to adequately stop outside sounds.  Blinds can have the same problem as they are usually loose around the sides. Drapes and curtains might block outside annoyances, but might also muffle inside sound and stop you from hearing a true surround-sound experience.  

Plantation shutters, on the other hand, stop outside sound and keep your movies sounding nice.  If your yard is mostly reserved, any plantation shutter can fulfill the purpose. Then again if you happen to be in a community that has more outside activity, like in a child-friendly area or on a well-traveled street, you should use a quality faux wood shutter. No matter what treatment you pick, make sure you reposition your surround sound after you install window treatments so that you you get quality sound from your speakers.

The More Versatile Your Media Room, The More Functional The Window Treatment

Bedroom with shutters and oar over tv photo courtesy of Kathy at The Daily Nest

As larger screen televisions become easier to get, media rooms have started to become a second family room.  No longer confined to movies, media rooms are used for gaming, watching sports, and general entertaining. If you use your room for more than one purpose, you will need a functional window treatment that looks great when it’s the room is being used for other purposes.

When a cellular or roman shade is up, they the roll completely up.  This leaves your windows completely uncovered , like the window treatment doesn’t exist, but does nothing for privacy or style. Plantation shutters let your room be utilized as a general space, and not just as a movie room. And since shutters can easily adjust to a variable amount of light, you can set aside a side couch where friends might opt to talk or play a game. The rest of the group can then not be disturbed on the movie area catching the double feature .

Which Window Treatment For Your Home Theater Or Media Room Is Best For You?

If your media room doesn’t have many outside facing windows, then you may want a cellular, roman or roller shade.  If you prefer multi-purpose media room, then plantation shutters may be the best option. Whatever you choose, your Sunburst representative can assist.  Call 781-352-2205 and schedule your in-home consultation.