What Are Your Options for Stained Shutters in Boston?

Our wooden shutters are made from teak lumber which is famous for its natural elegance and durability. We apply stains that not only augment the wood’s beauty, but also coordinate with your style. Our stain offerings improve the woodgrain of the louvers and bring out the exact shade of wood you want. On top of that, our stains are environmentally friendly, without any harmful fumes – so you don’t need to worry about your family’s safety. Browse through your plantation shutters stain options in Boston. 

Stains for Ovation Wood Shutters

You can choose from 28 wood stain colors on Ovation® shutters. Choose from Dark Mahogany or Black Walnut stains for a darker wood shutter look. Or choose from Golden Oak or Snow Teak for a lighter shade. Once you’ve settled on a stain, we’ll coat in on your Ovation shutter louvers and frame for a cohesive look that matches your tastes.

Special Note
Colors may vary by monitor/screen. To see actual stain colors, schedule an in-home demonstration of all color options through the form below.

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